A Quick Thank You

This is just a quick little section to say thank you to everyone who has supported us!

Whether that be our friends and family who have listened to our antics day in and day out, who helped as we hammered out our slogans and put up with all the chaos, etc.

To all the wonderful humans who came by and chatted with us at markets; engaging in critical thinking and hard conversations. Customers who came by and purchased one of our sluts and in turn, becoming a vital part of our "slut society".

We had customers who would stop across the way, stare at our products and yell "OH MY GOD! THAT'S SO ME". We've had customers who made US laugh when they saw our products. We've had customers who've snuck up on us and bought of the our products they knew they HAD to have.

Every single one of you brings smiles to our faces and remind us why we decided to do this in the first place!

Finally, a thank you to US.

Thank you Sarah for focusing on the inventory and market section of the business while juggling two other jobs and all of our craziness at home.

Thank you Emma for continuing to work on the social media even while continuing to pursue a higher education and your future.

I am so proud of both of us for taking this chance and I can't wait for this to get the recognition it deserves.

So, for one final time, thank you everyone from the bottom of our hearts.

Cheers to everyone in our Slut Society and to those who are coming to join!

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